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JB Consulting International

JB Consulting International (JBCI) has over 45 years of experience in the development of innovative, cost effective aerospace systems and technology, strategic planning, technology assessment, national and international collaboration, and creation and management of highly innovative R&D organizations providing a high return on investment.


JBCI specializes in the development of methods and processes associated with the assesment of systems with respect to minimizing the risk associated with their development and subsequent operational deployment.

This site is being reconstructed due to a disastrous attempt to migrate from Microsoft Office Live Small Business as such, some of the links may not yet be operative.  If a link is inoperative and you need to have the information quickly, please send me an e-mail and I will get it to you.

JBCI provides expert consultation in the following areas:


System Maturity Assessment

Technology Maturity Assessment

  • Expert Witness:
    • Due diligence in technology development & infusion for product development
    • Technical assessment in government contract award protests
  • Strategic Planning
    • Short-term & long-term organizational strategy
    • Technology development strategy
    • Core competency/capability assessment
    • Skill acquistion planning
    • Collaboration

      • National - industry, academia, government
      • International - industry, academia